Conservative Therapy

What exactly is conservative therapy?

Not everyone requires surgery for back pain and some conditions are simply not correctable through a surgical procedure. The majority of our patients greatly benefit from our approach to conservative therapy— a combination of physical therapy, cervical traction, non-steroidal pain management, and lifestyle modifications that can help you improve and manage your symptoms.

You may find a reduction in your pain level and your ability to function on a daily basis may best be enhanced by conservative therapy.

What are some examples of conservative therapies?

Pain Management

With regard to spinal disease, we take a conservative approach and are able to provide our patients with our own epidural injections. In other words, you would not have to go to a pain management doctor, pay another copay, and undergo an extensive further workup in order to obtain steroid therapy.

In the instance of Workmen’s Compensation, as our patient, we will go ahead and take over your care, including your medications if we do epidural steroid therapy or surgical intervention. Once we reach the point of maximum treatment, we will return you to your referring physician’s care with specific instructions on medications, with a strong preference to avoiding narcotic analgesics.

Weight Management

We can help your with a plan to reduce your overall body weight, putting less stress on your back and your entire body.

Stress Management

Stress and anxiety can directly affect your level of pain. Many patients find their pain level increases when they are under a higher level of stress. Healthy ways to reduce your stress include breathing techniques, imagery, self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga, or relaxation through music.

Heat/Ice Therapy

Some patients benefit from the application of either heat or ice to the sore or injured area. Remember the importance of putting the heat or ice indirectly on your skin, using safety precautions and watching the time (5-20 minutes) to avoid injury from excessive heat or cold.

Physical Therapy

We can provide you with strengthening/stretching exercises to strengthen your core, prevent other flair-ups, or lessen the symptoms of degenerative disc disease. TENS units, massage, or cervical traction are also helpful physical therapy options.